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Albert Rose Chemicals

Chemistry for template workshops for the manufacture of rotary and flat templates and stencils for printing. A wide range of adhesives for frames, varnish for templates, emulsions, etc.

Main products:

Glue for gluing closing rings:

- - Arcabond R 900 Html

- - Arcadur R900H

Emulsions for photosensitive and laser template manufacturing:

- Arcalack L-B New

- Arcagel 100 D CTS Blue

- ROTACOAT 326 Q Red

Preparation for gluing rings:

- Pregan E

Preparation for cleaning templates and kirza:

- Pregan 1014 E

Permanent glue for kirza:

- Kiwotex DK 83 L

- Kiwotex DK 45 L

Thermoplastic adhesive for kirza:

- Kiwotex TDK 83 L

- Kiwotex TDK 35 L

Cleaner for kirza:

- Kiwotex Stripper

Retouching varnish:

- Estelan 1799 Green

Special textile solvent:

- Kiwosolv L 72

Sensitizers of the Diazo line